Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny Picture

No I was not feature dancing. This was taken at a club on my birthday. I'm not normally the club, or the pole type, but I guess when it comes to birthdays I make some exceptions. :)


  1. Brooke Lee Adams has a blog! awesome!

  2. Birthdays, or parties are times to let loose!
    Wooh, Brooke Lee Adams, I was just talking to my friend about how great the porn you're in is. Amazing. Now we can be blog buddies. Hooray!

  3. if i get some money now...i want go to USA and i will marry you...what a cute girl...i'ts never mind if you are bad girl...for me...don't judge the book just from the cover...from awang (indonesia country)

  4. Do you want to marry me Brooke?

  5. hey...
    brooke u r relly vei cute.....
    i relly luv ya smile..........u r sooooo cute.....!!!