Friday, April 9, 2010

Worst blogger ever!

So, it is April and the last time I published anything was in November. Fail. However, I am doing better about keeping everything up-to-date, and I plan on doing the same with my blog. Cross your fingers! Literally - do so. Now.

My house has been an utter disaster, as my regular housekeeper had to quit, due to family problems. It has taken a couple of weeks to find someone to replace her, but I believe I figured it out. I ended up with a team of three lovely women, who make up a whirlwind of cleaning power. It's quite impressive! My house is now perfectly clean, with the lingering aroma of bleach. It is so much better than before. I find it hard to relax in a dirty house. And when I come home from being on set for 12 hours, that is exactly what I want to do - relax.

This action of relaxing includes, but is not limited to: pouring a glass of wine, and spending time with my man, my sister, Adelle, and my pooches. I'm so grateful for the amazing support team I have waiting for me when I come home!

One last thing before I close. It is a rant, but I will keep it short. I hate people who want your parking spot, so they sit RIGHT behind you, not giving enough space to back out! Do they not realize that I have to come out first, before they can have it? It seems simple enough, but is apparently difficult for some people to understand. Me first, then you. End of rant. Short, as promised.