Friday, April 9, 2010

Worst blogger ever!

So, it is April and the last time I published anything was in November. Fail. However, I am doing better about keeping everything up-to-date, and I plan on doing the same with my blog. Cross your fingers! Literally - do so. Now.

My house has been an utter disaster, as my regular housekeeper had to quit, due to family problems. It has taken a couple of weeks to find someone to replace her, but I believe I figured it out. I ended up with a team of three lovely women, who make up a whirlwind of cleaning power. It's quite impressive! My house is now perfectly clean, with the lingering aroma of bleach. It is so much better than before. I find it hard to relax in a dirty house. And when I come home from being on set for 12 hours, that is exactly what I want to do - relax.

This action of relaxing includes, but is not limited to: pouring a glass of wine, and spending time with my man, my sister, Adelle, and my pooches. I'm so grateful for the amazing support team I have waiting for me when I come home!

One last thing before I close. It is a rant, but I will keep it short. I hate people who want your parking spot, so they sit RIGHT behind you, not giving enough space to back out! Do they not realize that I have to come out first, before they can have it? It seems simple enough, but is apparently difficult for some people to understand. Me first, then you. End of rant. Short, as promised.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny Picture

No I was not feature dancing. This was taken at a club on my birthday. I'm not normally the club, or the pole type, but I guess when it comes to birthdays I make some exceptions. :)

Being Sick is Never Fun...

...However for me it has been a good time for me to slow down and get a few things done. I am a shameless procrastinator. I have content to post to, I have packages to get out to clients I shoot for, I have girls I need to shoot for both clients and for DLM.... The list goes on and on. The good thing is, I was in the hospital all day Monday and the doctor told me to rest and no shooting for at least a week. Lamesauce.

Today I was feeling a little better, so our Webmaster told me he was going to get some content out of me. Well, seeing as I can't shoot anything physical this left with the interview questions you fans have been sending in. We just moved to the new DLM mansion and it has a pool. So into the pool I went to shoot the interview. It was frigid and I thought I might die, but I didn't and I think the video came out really well. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow and at very latest the weekend.

I appreciate you all hanging with us as we work hard to get off the ground. It's not easy starting a porn empire, but dammit, someone has to start shooting some decent content around here. Might as well be me. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm in Miami Trick!

I'm down here shooting in Miami, it's been a full week to be sure! I have shot for ATK, again! They must have thousands of pictures of me by now. :) I shot for Club Jenna the other day on a boat and today I am shooting with Club Jenna for an big butt movie. I seem to be doing a lot of those lately...

While I am here I am also shooting for HypnoLust, Bang Bros, and a few other companies. It's been a full week but I'm enjoying my stay.

I can't wait to get home and shoot the rest of the content for the girls! Ah, is going to be great once we get the rest of the girls up there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Latest Update from

A QUICK Update!!

Hey Everyone,

I know I haven't updated in forever, but I wanted to make this loud and clear: I DO NOT OWN and there will NOT be a site of me coming soon on there.

I do however own and update it often. We will be welcoming Heidi Hanson, Amber Swift, Michelle Brown, Faith Foxxx, and Katie Michaels by the end of November.

I look forward to updating this blog more often.


Brooke Lee Adams

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going on Vacation, brb!

Hey guys! 

I'm leaving today for a much needed cruise vacation. I look forward to talking with you all when I get home. I will try to post a few pictures while I am gone, although I know my internet will be limited. See you when I get back on Thursday!