Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being Sick is Never Fun...

...However for me it has been a good time for me to slow down and get a few things done. I am a shameless procrastinator. I have content to post to, I have packages to get out to clients I shoot for, I have girls I need to shoot for both clients and for DLM.... The list goes on and on. The good thing is, I was in the hospital all day Monday and the doctor told me to rest and no shooting for at least a week. Lamesauce.

Today I was feeling a little better, so our Webmaster told me he was going to get some content out of me. Well, seeing as I can't shoot anything physical this left with the interview questions you fans have been sending in. We just moved to the new DLM mansion and it has a pool. So into the pool I went to shoot the interview. It was frigid and I thought I might die, but I didn't and I think the video came out really well. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow and at very latest the weekend.

I appreciate you all hanging with us as we work hard to get off the ground. It's not easy starting a porn empire, but dammit, someone has to start shooting some decent content around here. Might as well be me. :)


  1. you are my favorite actress. hope you get well soon.
    keep up the good job brooke

  2. I Hope you feel better! Xoxo Dallas